How to take newborn photos of your own baby

Module 1 intro
Lektion 1 Intro  
Module 2 Equipment guide
Lektion 1 Things you need  
Lektion 2 Camera vs. Mobile camera  
Module 3 Light guide
Lektion 1 How to use the light for portraits  
Lektion 2 Direct vs. indirect daylight  
Lektion 3 How to manipulate the light on a portrait  
Module 4 How to safely posse your baby
Lektion 1 How to build a platform to pose baby on  
Lektion 2 How to pose baby in the set-up  
Lektion 3 Video of newborn posing.  
Lektion 4 How to swaddle baby  
Module 5 The good angles
Lektion 1 Find the good perspective  
Lektion 2 Now you are ready to make the first portraits of your newborn child.  
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